First Homebuyer Growth in Baldivis

Many young West Australians have the chance to realise their dreams and own their home; it is becoming a reality, especially in an area like Baldivis. The town offers easy access to Perth with both the freeway and the train just a short distance away. The essential ingredient that Baldivis has to offer first time buyers is the chance to buy a new home at the right price with local mortgage brokers close by in Kwinana and Rockingham.Baldivis

Population Growth in Baldivis

The local population of Baldivis has risen from just over 6,000 in 2006 to 15,000 late in 2011. The increase has been impressive; just over 14% in the last twelve months and almost 142% over 5 years.

Homes are being built to match the needs of first time buyers. You are more likely to find 2 bedroom homes there than five bedroom mansions as young people look to escape the cycle of renting and seeing their money disappear without growth or value.

Why Is The Town So Convenient?

You won’t need a vehicle to transport you to the shops; they’re only a short stroll away.

National parks and lakes with spectacular trails are a short walk in the other direction, or easily within cycling distance. Young people can keep fit and avoid the expenses of running a vehicle over short journeys.

There are a number of schools and recreational areas all within the vicinity.

Time to Call Your Mortgage Broker in Kwinana and Rockingham

For the first time homebuyer, you should not wait long in meeting with a professional in the mortgage business. You probably won’t know much about the procedures you will need to go through to get a loan or a mortgage. There is also the risk that if you look at new homes first, you might be disappointed if your broker informs you that the size of loan you would require is outside bank lending criteria. It is always better to discuss your finances with the broker so they can help you decide what type, style and price of home you can afford.

The purchase of a home for the first time is a big event. Remember, you might be borrowing money to buy the property over the next 25-30 years. You will need to know that your house and land package meets your needs over the next few years. In the past, house prices have risen considerably over the longer term, but with some short term lowering of valuations. That is why it makes sense to buy a property that will be attractive to purchasers when the time comes to sell and move on to something bigger as your family grows.  If you take professional help all along the journey, there will be fewer problems and more solutions that match your dreams. Call your Rockingham or Kwinana mortgage broker now.