LEDs: Lighting Up Your Home

After years of lighting up your home with light bulbs bought from your local grocery store and then a swift change to the environmentally friendly options which are supposed to last, almost forever, many stores are now stocking a range of LED lights, which can add delightful options both inside, and outside, your home.
LED Light

You won’t need to break your bank account to add a few LED lights to your home, unless you’re looking at a major overhaul to your property and perhaps some conversations with your home loans expert.

There is a great variation of LEDs available from strip lighting to downlight globes. You can also buy straight replacements for those globes you have been using for years that fit nicely into bayonet and screw in fittings.

Instant Lighting

One of the real advantages of using LED lights is the low wattage you can use to fill an entire room, perhaps using less electricity than higher wattage environmentally friendly bulbs. LEDs are instantly on and provide a warm, cleaner colour.

In a price comparison test, LED lights are still more expensive than most other lighting, with just the economy’s demand and supply that will turn this around. As more people purchase LED lighting, prices will fall.

Looking over the longer term an LED used over 20 years, which is equal to around 20,000 hours at 2 1/2 hours a day usage, energy savings can be 80% of a conventional bulb, which makes LED lighting extremely efficient, despite the higher original cost.

Try a Showroom for Size

The proof, of course, can only be seen when you look at a few different LED lights in action in showrooms. This will show you the differences between the various manufacturers and will lead you to prefer some styles of lighting over others, which is good, because we don’t all like the same things.

As with most things in life, the cheaper LEDs aren’t as good as the best quality, yet more expensive, displays. Many LEDs have a substantial colour difference which might reflect upon your final decision of which models to purchase.

Many people are using LEDs to light their garden, to provide a bright overall contrast to some of the dimming solar options available and others are using them in and around swimming pools to great effect. Some estimates suggest that LEDs are not attracting insects, which is a great advantage when you’re outside enjoying a barbecue on the warmer evenings.

One positive advantage being highlighted is the lack of heat that comes from LED lights, which makes them particularly useful where children and small fingers are involved.

As technology brings better and better LED lighting, they are certainly worth considering for any new purchase or home renovation.

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