Support HeartKids

logo-heartkidsSmartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham provides reliable loan products and programs for countless hopeful clients. But aside from our finance services, another noteworthy feat is our advocacy in helping individuals and communities in dire need. We believe that everyone should be given a chance to experience the good things in life. So we provide support to some charitable institutions.

Our team is constantly searching for commendable charities that work for the welfare of others and we unswervingly help them as much as we can. And during our quest, we encountered this charitable body that focuses on raising awareness and providing assistance to children suffering from congenital heart defect. So we give our utmost support to HeartKids.

HeartKids is an organisation that is committed to helping children with heart disease, as well as their respective families to be able to get through all the stress and hardships that come with the ailment. The organisation also aims to spread word regarding heart disease, to raise awareness on this issue to a wider audience and be able to find means to reduce its incidence.

We often hear about Congenital Heart Disease (CHD), but do we really know what it is? This condition is very serious for they can reduce the quality of life of the affected individuals and may even result to death. According to statistics, 6 babies are born with heart defects everyday and there are more who obtain the ailment during childhood. Every week, 4 Australians die due to congenital heart condition. These are very alarming facts, but they reflect the reality.

Smartline Mortgage Brokers Rockingham and HeartKids want to help improve the situation of those affected by CHD. Everyone has a chance to live life fully, which is why we exert every effort to make this vision come true. With sufficient funds, information and support, there is great chance that we can defeat CHD.