LEDs: Lighting Up Your Home

After years of lighting up your home with light bulbs bought from your local grocery store and then a swift change to the environmentally friendly options which are supposed to last, almost forever, many stores are now stocking a range of LED lights, which can add delightful options both inside, and … [Read more...]

Does The National Consumer Credit Act Discriminate On Age Alone?

Experts within the mortgage industry have disagreed over the interpretation of some of the rules within the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009, which has resulted in some people being discriminated against, because of their age. In particular, the Act accidentally targeted some people's … [Read more...]

A Drop in Housing Prices Means More Advantageous Home Loans – Cockburn Residents Take Note

With pricing at a three year low for housing, it just might be the right time to look into purchasing a home. Rental properties are hard to come by in this tight market, thanks to population growth these past few years. Therefore, it makes sense to look into a more permanent situation – a house to … [Read more...]