Can Your Home Loan Earn Frequent Flyer Points?

Can a home loan in Rockingham, Kwinana or Baldivis help homeowners earn frequent flyer points? They can now with a QANTAS Frequent Flyer home loan. Our mortgage brokers have helped provide a lot of home loan products to people in the Kwinana, Baldivis and Rockingham areas, but this is a totally … [Read more...]

First-Time Home Buyers Are Getting Older

The average generation of first-time home buyers has moved on a decade. No longer are people buying their first property in their early 20's, they are now waiting until they reach their early to mid-thirties before taking on their first mortgage. There are several reasons for this dramatic … [Read more...]

Dealing with Mortgage Brokers the New Norm for Local Home Buyers

For home loans, Kwinana and other local residents like you are turning to mortgage brokers instead of dealing directly with banks. You don’t have to deal directly with impersonal, intimidating banks for your financial needs anymore. In fact, financial experts claim that virtually fifty percent … [Read more...]

Is the Economy Hindered by the Current Housing Market?

At first glance, the housing market in Australia offers some uncertainty with low interest rates on one end of things and economic ambiguity in terms of income, employment and overall market growth on the other end. While it may seem counterintuitive, it just might be the right time for a home loan. … [Read more...]

A Drop in Housing Prices Means More Advantageous Home Loans – Cockburn Residents Take Note

With pricing at a three year low for housing, it just might be the right time to look into purchasing a home. Rental properties are hard to come by in this tight market, thanks to population growth these past few years. Therefore, it makes sense to look into a more permanent situation – a house to … [Read more...]

Why Divorce is Hard on Parents’ Finances

People plan to raise capital to put towards a home purchase. They plan to save money into a pension arrangement. Unfortunately, most do not prepare for a divorce, even though many have sufficient time to organise their finances. The emotional stress of a divorce can cause many to avoid the worries … [Read more...]

How a Rockingham Mortgage Broker Helps Home Buyers

A mortgage broker is the person who acts as a go-between with the borrower and the lender. The lender is usually a bank that ultimately wants to get a good return on the lent money by charging a sizable interest rate. A mortgage broker is the one with the experience to help home buyers secure loans … [Read more...]