The Unreality of Television’s DIY Home Renovation

They make it look so easy. A small team of experts arrive at your home, unannounced, make a few suggestions and in just a few days have transformed your falling down house into the most desirable property in your neighbourhood. After spending just a few thousand dollars, your property is worth twice as much as it was one month ago. Is that so?
DIY Home Renovation

The reality is that it’s so easy to watch a DIY home renovation show on television and while you believe the task might be a little more difficult than the team is presenting, it is very easy to underestimate the work involved, the cost of the renovations, and the time you will need to complete the assignment.

The shows always appear to have endless funds available and can always buy building materials and kitchen units at costs which appear lower than you can find anywhere. While the shows always work within budget, you will have to speak to someone about home loans to see what kind of funds you can raise to complete your dream home. A mortgage broker can help you determine your eligibility of home loans in Rockingham, Cockburn, Kwinana, or elsewhere.

What’s Hidden From View?

What you don’t see on the shows is the enormous team involved that are carrying out the transformation.

Even if you are a good DIY-at-home operative, the shows are bringing in expert quantity surveyors, electricians, designers, decorators and every type of tradesmen required to complete the job. If you are not an expert in every single area, it will be more difficult for you to visualise and plan the job and much more complicated to complete.

You might have one or two hours available to work each evening and perhaps most of the weekend. You might be doing all of the work yourself, but at best you will have enlisted the help of one or two relations or friends. If you compare the number of hours that your team can work in a week, with the television show’s team that you can see and those that are operating behind the scenes, completely unseen, working 12 to 15 hours a day, you will quickly understand why your renovation won’t be completed in two or three days. Two or three months might be a better target for you.

Do You Receive the Loan Funds Before You Start The Work?

Once you have spoken to your mortgage broker in Kwinana or elsewhere, you will need to find out how the funds can be paid to you, to complete your task. Are you going to be receiving the funds before the workmen need paying or before you purchase that new kitchen? The television companies don’t have to worry about such trivialities when they are paid for the work, because their primary outlook is to make an entertaining television show.

The time delay between a television show laying the first brick to the last brick of a new landscaped garden, can be shown in a couple of minutes, despite their experts taking days to complete the work with a team of five or six people. That should give you food for thought about how long you and your family can devote to the same task.